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Asbestos removal

Some types of roofing tiles and other building materials may contain asbestos. Contact Nationwide Roofing & Cladding Ltd in Eastleigh for experienced asbestos removal services.

Health risks

Over time, materials containing asbestos can deteriorate or become damaged and this may result in the release of small fibres into the air, which if breathed in can lead to health issues.

asbestos removal
asbestos cement sheet

Bonded asbestos

When asbestos is mixed with other materials such as cement, it is known as bonded asbestos. There is less chance of it breaking into pieces in this form. We only deal in the removal of bonded asbestos, so please get in touch with us for advice.

Asbestos roofing sheets

Being fire resistant, asbestos was a popular choice for use with cement roofing sheets. However, even the cleaning and maintenance of this material has its dangers. Contact us today to arrange for bonded asbestos removal.

Is asbestos still used?

The utilisation of asbestos for the covering of buildings is no longer an option, due to known health risks. However, there are still thousands of properties in the UK that have asbestos in their building materials.


Our roofing and cladding services includes the removal of bonded asbestos from commercial properties.

Our asbestos removal services:


  • Industrial and commercial roof asbestos removal

  • Roof overlays

  • We deal with bonded asbestos only


If you suspect there is asbestos on your property, don’t ignore it!

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Do you need asbestos removal services?

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