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commercial cladding

Commercial & industrial over cladding solutions

Nationwide Roofing & Cladding Ltd is based in Eastleigh and we provide cladding services to areas in and around Hampshire, including Southampton.

What is over cladding?

A cost-effective approach to refurbishing the exterior of your business premises is by applying a layer of cladding or other type of covering over the existing structure of the building. If you choose this method of property refurbishment, you can transform your property from looking run down to cared for, to give your clients a great first impression when they approach your premises.

overclad building

Benefits of cladding

There are several reasons why your property can benefit from having a layer of cladding applied, and these include aesthetics (to improve the look of the building), protection (to guard the property from the elements), plus insulation (which means potential savings in heating costs).

corrugated panel roofing

Wide range of cladding choices

We use the same method of applying vertical cladding as we do for roofs. When adding the vertical panels our clients have the chance to choose from a wide range of products and colour to blend in with their premises’ look. With a vast number of choices to choose from including traditional ribbed grey and more modern effects, you can remove the industrial feel and add a high-tech element to your building.